So, how much will  Toastmasterdorset  charge?Finalist logo 2015

Yes of course you need to know the price!, in fact this is the second most visited page!

My  Prices haven’t changed for over 12 years! and I see no reason to do so.

At a Wedding fayre, a brides father said to me ” I’ve just booked a Wedding car for 2 hours and the cost is more than you charge for the whole Wedding and Reception” you’re booked!

Toastmasterdorset Charges  vary according to the date, time, etc. of the event but the price for your event will be quoted upon your initial enquiry. Even if it’s years ahead!.

Please remember there are more days in the week to get married than just Saturdays, mid week weddings are always cheaper than weekends with many suppliers ‘including me!’ So please do give me a call or e mail me to find out more.

I like to contact every potential bride and groom and the brides parents prior to them deciding whether they would like me to work for them or not. This gives them an opportunity to ask me questions regarding my work, and I have the opportunity to tell them how I love to help and get involved with the planning of the day and can provide a great deal of advice on many aspects of the day that maybe they hadn’t even thought of yet.I prefer to meet the bride, but if this is not possible I phone her to establish her requirements. This enables me to work for her as a personal assistant throughout the planning of her wedding and on her special day. This initial meeting is of course free.(Though a cup of tea or coffee is most welcome).

I am renowned as Toastmasterdorset for giving real value for money and my fee.
Probably ‘the most cost effective contractor booked to work at the Function’, my clients told me that a few years ago and it’s still true today.

One client thanked me for my work, and then said out loud at the function during a speech,
I have booked many Toastmasters during the past few years and Brian IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN.
I am telling you that you won’t get any Toastmaster better than Brian. The quality of his work and attention to detail is amazing!.
He loves his work and it shows!
So Book this man if you can.
The price, includes  travel,preparation and consultations for your event.
The Price I quote includes everything, If you take into account the various aspects of Toastmasterdorset’s work, It’s excellent value. (That comes from my clients not me!)

If you consider the chosen suppliers for your wedding, I am likely to be the cheapest supplier, and considering the hours I could devote to your wedding, Some say I am the Best Value for money as I provide an exceptional service, taking away worries and stress from the Bride and Groom and their families and guests.
My Testimonials page on this website verifies that, so do please take a look at what my Brides and other clients have to say about my work as Toastmasterdorset. Just go to the Testimonials page on this site to read and see pictures of my work.

Toastmaster Voucher Code Special Web OfferWhen you take into account the time I spend on preparation, travelling, phone calls, meetings, and the time at the venue on the day my fee is probably the most cost effective outlay for your wedding or function.

Interviews, Meetings, Phone calls, Planning, Preparation, Travelling, Assistance with speeches etc, Protocol advice, are all included in the quoted price. It is not unusual for me to spend 18 hours on a Wedding, when you take in ,preparation time, interviews,  travelling, phone calls e mails and the Wedding day itself.

 Just think of another contractor who will work for that amount of time for you!

Time spent at the venue, Phone calls, Mail, assisting with the planning, timings, speeches, in fact anything to help make your day special are  all are included, so my fee is very reasonable and I am known for this as I get many compliments on the quality and value as Toastmasterdorset

My prices haven’t changed in 12 years and I see no reason to change them.

As I can work as a Toastmaster every day of the week (not just at weekends or when I finish work!)  I work as a Toastmaster full time! so offer weekday bookings at a discounted price, as do many venues! so don’t just think weekends for your wedding! you will be able to negotiate prices for midweek Weddings with many venues and contractors, so speak to me about your wedding before you decide when and where to have your special day. I saved one Bride over £470.00 when she asked me about photographer, Balloons, florist, and even catering, during 2014.

I am a phone call away 01202 824885 Please contact me as soon as you have a date for the wedding, I hate saying “sorry Booked that date.” 

Please take a look at the testimonials page of Toastmasterdorset.