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Brian has been the Master of Ceremonies and Wedding Toastmaster many, many times – this said, every wedding is a brand new experience!

One thing he would point out is, Many venues offer  package deals! and included in the price of some deals is an MC.

 An MC is very different from a                                                                     Toastmaster.   

         Toastmasterdorset has been trained to  provide

                   the personal service you demand.

                        It’s his JOB, NOT HIS HOBBY!

The ‘MC’  is often a member of staff at the venue, such as a duty manager or function manager . He or she might well be there on the date of your wedding but might not give 100% commitment to you as they have other responsibilities at the venue, therefore might be called away to another part of the building. When you book   a Toastmaster, he will be with YOU throughout the day and offer a great deal of help in the planning during the months before your wedding date,

     A member of staff at the venue rarely gives you this personal service as  they work for the venue, Not You!

I worked at a venue where the Duty Manager was acting as MC for another function at the Venue. During the early part of the function there was a major plumbing problem at the venue. The Duty Manager left the function and went to sort out the problem, He was gone for 2 hours. A member of staff asked me to care take the function while I was also looking after my own clients function! I did this ( with his approval). After 2 hours the Duty Manager appeared, looking like a plumbers mate! and said ” Thank goodness you were here Brian, thank you so much for stepping in to guide the staff through the functions Dinner service” .     

Brian Says, I live Weddings and I love Weddings! There could be no other Wedding Toastmaster more dedicated, more enthusiastic, more passionate, more committed, more reliable (and of course experienced and professional) than I am!

                               So why choose Brian to be your Wedding Toastmaster?  Here’s Brian’s words:

                  “I was trained by the English Toastmaster’s Association.”

  • I care about what I do – I will do anything to make your wedding day special!

  • I work only to the highest standards, so that you are stress free on your big day!
  • I love Weddings – especially yours! It will be a pleasure to look after you!
  • I am passionate about my services and therefore very careful to look after you and
  • make sure that you get the best attention on your day!

    I am flexible – it’s your wedding, your way! It Must Be!

  • Why book a package deal when you can have who and what you want?  How do you know what the quality of the package supplier is ?

  • I offer the highest levels of service in the business, even to working in the style that you would like me to work in. I am young enough to be flexible yet old enough to be experienced!

I offer the finest service that money can buy to ensure that you have the day of your dreams!

Toastmaster Voucher Code Special Web OfferDuring the year I attend many Wedding Fayres,  these are a very good way of meeting you for the first time. However at such fayres there is a lot to take in so, pick up the phone dial 01202 824885 or e mail me =   and I will give you as much information as I can prior to you deciding whether or not to book my Toastmaster services for your wedding day.

Please contact me by phone or via the website, If you use the website contact form you will receive a discount or use the ‘web offer’ logo on the right. so what have you got to lose? My prices haven’t changed for years and I see no reason to change them for 2022/23 and beyond bookings. Yes I have already got some  for 2023 bookings at 2008 prices!. 

Please do take a look at the testimonials page and read what clients have written                                           about my work as Toastmasterdorset.                                      



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                                         I attend wedding fayres and showcase events at venues  throughout the year and here

                                                                                        are some for the coming few months.

                           Wedding Fayres are on hold for the time being So

                         Contact me direct

                                                           01202 824885

I always offer a discounted price if bookings are made at a Wedding Fayre, so                   do come along and have a chat about your own wedding.

       Better still Phone or email me today, it’s never too soon even if your wedding is 2 years away!  

         The first client to book the date and pay the deposit secures the date!

           Phone 01202 824885    email =

I promise to make it extra special.

Please take a look at the testimonials page on this website, I am very proud of them and they are all from clients by email or letter.