Here we go again, same old story every year

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4 times already this year I have had to say sorry already booked, and one of the dates was 2019! so please do contact me even if you haven’t decided to book my Toastmaster services so we can have a chat about my work.

Never too late, Never too early

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It’s almost Christmas and I have just had a booking enquiry for a function between Christmas and the New Year! I can’t do the job because I am already booked on the date! Someone forgot to book  me, and now it’s too late. I often put a note on here saying it’s never too early or too late to enquire and this proves it !

I would like to thank all my clients for the bookings in 2017 and wish them all a Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year, who knows what 2018 will bring us? Best wishes to all my readers! 

Venue open days in October

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I shall be at 3 lovely venues during October as they open their doors to show off the venue and give their suppliers the opportunity to meet potential clients, Sunday 22nd The Carlton Hotel Bournemouth, Saturday 28th The Lord Bute Hotel Highcliffe, Sunday 29th The Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth. They are open from 12 Noon for 3 hours  so please do come along and see these great Venues, Entrance to all these open days is FREE! so what have you got to lose? you might even get a special offer !                                                                                        Brian Cox , Toastmasterdorset


Yet more late bookings ! and the price ?

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I have written many times that it’s never too early to enquire or book my services, well Last week I had an enquiry for a wedding in 4 days time! how late is that, of course I was already booked on the date but managed to find someone to help out. Yes it’s never too late so don’t forget to enquire. 

Testimonials that I am proud of.

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Testimonials from clients are on the website so you can read what they say about my work. I am very proud of them and thank everyone of my clients for allowing me to include them on the Testimonials page, please take a look.

late deals are not just for holidays you know!

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Since I offered late booking discounts, a few brides and other potential clients have contacted me. I offered them a late booking price and 4 out of 6 have now confirmed a booking. It’s not too late to see if I can help make your day really special. go on give me a call or email me using the form on this website, you might even get a really good offer! 

Late deals, empty seats, last minute offers,and available dates!

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All suppliers for business seem to have late offers, last minute deals etc etc so do I !

As I work full time as Toastmasterdorset I am booked in advance for most weddings and functions, however it’s never too late to contact me to see what I can offer you as a late booking offer. I always give free advice to anyone seeking answers to questions on timings, etiquette, etc and am happy to do so, even if you decide not to book me for your function .  

Please be fair at a wedding fayre

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People come to my stand at a wedding fayre, spend time talking to me about their wedding, then say yes please send your booking details,I send them the information, Then I give them 2 weeks to confirm the booking. Last week 2 brides who spoke to me at the BIC wedding fayre emailed to confirm the booking = 4 weeks after the fayre, too late the date has been booked by another client. All I ask is for a confirmation  of the booking within 2 weeks to allow me to book the date, I hate having to say it but sorry you are too late, there is only one of me! unlike florists, decoration suppliers, cakes, chair covers, cars they can do more than one job per date I can’t. so if you are genuinely interested in my working for you please confirm within the 2 weeks after the fayre.  

Toastmasterdorset, gives out advice and help to anyone who needs it regarding functions.

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Choosing a venue, menu’s, cars,decorations,timings, contractors, etc etc,who does what and when, so many questions to be answered!

I always say if you need help and advice it’s free! and often can save time and money by asking me or a photographer as we might have inside knowledge about the venues that you are considering for your wedding or function. Many contractors will work for you prior to the function and they will leave the venue before you arrive! so if asked about food, service, toilets, staff, they might not know the answers, but I should if I have worked there before, so might be able to help. Please ask me for help and advice and I will give it! Of course it will be my own opinion so like a Financial adviser, I can only give you options,you must choose your own decisions, but I might just be able to help, make your day very special.

In to 2017 and beyond!

Posted on December 19, 2016 by Comments are off

What a great year I have had in 2016, a knee replacement, a couple of holidays, a bit of decorating at home, 2 new beds, another birthday, and oh yes many weddings and functions, I enjoyed all of them, even the knee replacement and I have another one to come in 2017.

 My work takes me to some great venues and I enjoy being part of the function be it local or miles away from home.

I really am looking forward to having the knee replacement and another busy year. I am fortunate to be the preferred Toastmaster at many venues and am very sad when I get more than one booking for the same date, there is only one of me! discos, photographers, room decorators, florists can sometimes work at more than one venue on the date but I can’t.

I look forward to 2017 and beyond, who knows what tomorrow will bring let alone the coming years! 

Thank’s to all who have booked me to work for their function during the past year, here’s just a few pictures from 2016DSCN3175


John Prescott with me at the Hilton Bournemouth

John Prescott with me at the Hilton Bournemouth


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