DON’T JUST THINK SATURDAY’S It might even reduce the costs!

Posted on January 15, 2015 by

When considering a date for your Wedding, Please consider other days of the week other than Saturday! Many Venues, and many Suppliers (me included ) offer special deal prices for Midweek (Monday to Thursday) or Friday and Sunday Weddings. You will be surprised at the Deal’s you can get if you talk direct to the various suppliers. Give me a call 01202 824885 and see what I can do to help you negotiate a price with some of my wedding supplier colleagues. I am here  to help make your day Special and if I can help also reduce some of the costs, isn’t that just that little bit even better? Do contact me and let me pass on some advice, who knows what the outcome might be? I saved a bride over £460.00 on the cost of her Wedding last year by making a few inquiries for her.

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