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Not Just Weddings,

Posted on October 31, 2016 by Comments are off

I love my work and my clients tell me it shows!  Dinners, auctions, charity functions, anniversaries, parties, conferences, and oh yes Weddings, all have been attended this year. I did one function and was asked how far do you go ? I said how far do you want me to go ? and they said wherever we have our next function!  what a lovely thing to hear ” take me with you ” and I’ll do my best to make your function very special._DSC8210

Still the same prices for next year and beyond!

Posted on October 29, 2016 by Comments are off

I see no reason to change my prices for the coming years, brexit hasn’t changed anything as far as I am concerned!.

I still offer a discounted price for web enquirers and visitors to the wedding fayres I attend. I already have weddings booked for 2017 and 2018, so it’s never too early to enquire about your wedding. I am a one man business unlike some other wedding contractors who can work at a few weddings on the same day! florists, chair covers, room decorators, car hire, etc etc. There is only one Toastmasterdorset and that’s me Brian Cox. So do contact me for a chat or information about how I can help make your wedding day really special. The testimonials page has words from clients so please do take a few minutes to read the comments, I am very proud of them all.


Just a few of the weddings I have been proud to work at in 2016

Come and meet me at one of the wedding fayres I attend

Posted on September 1, 2016 by Comments are off

During the coming weeks I will be at various wedding fayres, do come along and have a chat about your wedding. Take a look at the testimonials on my website, they are my best advert as they are from clients who have booked me to work for them during the past few years.

The wedding fayres are listed on my website weddings page.

Halloween and it’s my Birthday!

Posted on April 10, 2016 by Comments are off

Yes I was born on Halloween, don’t bother I’ve heard all the jokes already. I’m supposed to get the surprises and today I didn’t get any surprise gifts, just 3 surprise bookings 2 for later this year and 1 for December 2017. I often say on this website it’s never too early to enquire about your wedding or function, and it’s also never too late. I had one booking this year 3 days before the date of the function! and though it was a bit of a panic to get all the information and timings the function was very successful and I was booked for the same function next year, at least I got 12 months notice for that one!Toastmasterdorset logo

Bookings are looking good for 2016 and even better for 2017!

Posted on February 25, 2016 by Comments are off

Having a few bookings already for 2017, I am still getting enquiries for 2016! I have been to 3 wedding fayres already this year and potential brides are surprised when I say “sorry I am already booked”. I have written this statement many times, but it is still very true. Many of my bookings are over a year in advance and being a ‘one man band’ I can only work at one venue each date. Florists, cake makers, room decorators, etc can work at 2 or 3 venues per date but I can only work at one!. Please contact me as soon as you have a date for your wedding to find out about my work. I like to contact the bride and if possible make an appointment to visit her and the family to go through the work, then they can decide whether or not to book me.  Wedding fayres are great to visit and meet potential contractors for your wedding, but a one to one meeting is far better, so please don’t hesitate to contact me by any method and see why I get booked. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as you have a confirmed date for your wedding. Finalist logo 2015

2016 looks like another busy year and it’s only January!

Posted on January 13, 2016 by Comments are off

My first wedding fayre of the year was on the 10th of January at the Italian Villa Compton Acres Poole. I met brides who had spoken to me over a year ago and said “we are getting married this year!” Then they told me the date and I checked the diary and yes it’s happening again, I am already booked for their chosen date!. why don’t they ask me to pencil in their wedding date when they first think about booking me ? I hate saying “sorry” but have said many times both on my posts and at wedding fayres,” if you see a contractor that you want to work for you at your wedding book them early to ensure you get them on your date”. I have a number of wedding fayres during the spring and autumn to attend (see the list on my weddings page) so please take my advice and decide who you want to save being disappointed. I already have bookings for 2017 as well as 2016 and it’s only January.

We’re getting married this year!

Posted on January 2, 2016 by Comments are off

As the New Year begins, I look forward to working at Weddings and I know that many Brides have already booked me to work for them,

But many have just realised and said to their fiancé’s “we’re getting married this year!” So if you haven’t yet booked me for your wedding during 2016 do please contact me via my website contacts page and you will receive a discounted price. I am at a number of Wedding Fayres during the year and always offer a discount if booked as the result of speaking to me at the fayre. I can give you a great deal of information regarding venues, contractors and many other aspects of weddings to save you time and in many cases money too!  and all that costs you nothing, I give it because I love my work and know weddings can be stressful and the planning takes a great deal of time and effort. what have you got to lose ? and what have you got to gain ?. I look forward to hearing from you by phone, e mail or any other method! Last year I even had a local bride ring my door bell!. Happy New Year.Finalist logo 2015

It’s not too late and it’s NEVER too early

Posted on December 3, 2015 by Comments are off

Only 4 weeks left of 2015 and I am still getting enquiries for functions being held this year!. I work as a Toastmaster and am available any day of the week! I don’t work as a ‘Hobby Toastmaster’! which I know many do. I am pleased to say I have many bookings for 2016 and some of them are week days so if you are getting Married in the new year don’t just think Saturdays or Sundays. As I have often said Consider week days and you will be surprised at the prices for midweek functions at various venues. If you want to know more please do contact me 01202 824885 or email me via my website contacts page. I am here to help as much as I can.DSCN3074

We booked a package deal! now we regret it,( but we have booked you)

Posted on October 29, 2015 by Comments are off

Heard this before ? We have booked a venue’s package deal! But we wanted you Brian!

If you are considering booking a venue for your wedding, please consider what the package deal offered includes. Some venues offer an MC, as I have said elsewhere on my website, but an MC is not the same as a Toastmaster by any means. A Toastmaster is a Trained, Qualified Contractor who will do far more for you than just introduce you and propose Toasts. A Toastmaster has spent time and Money learning the Trade ( yes it is a trade) just like a plumber, electrician, bricklayer, Car Mechanic etc. Would you let just anyone repair the brakes on your car? No of course not. You want to know they are qualified and trained to carry out the work, a Toastmaster is no different !.  Oh and by the way if you book a Toastmaster direct with the one you choose (I hope it’s me of course) you will probably pay less than if booked via the venue as part of a package deal. So do contact me prior to choosing your venue, I know a lot of good venues, and a few that aren’t so good!. Let me help make your wedding day really special, just like the Brides on my Testimonials page of this site.DSCN2970

DSCN3042DSCN3049Finalist logo 2015

Late Booking offer

Posted on May 7, 2015 by Comments are off

I have had some brides contact me regarding my late booking offer and 2 of them were able to book as I was available on the date of their Wedding. Give me a call 01202 824885 and see if I am available to work at your Wedding during 2015. I look forward to hearing from you by phone or the contacts page on my website.


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