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Wedding showcases and Fayres.

Posted on March 21, 2019 by Comments are off

If you are searching for venues, suppliers, in fact anything for your future wedding do attend local wedding fayres. The suppliers will be there and the venue staff will be on hand to show you around the place. Some suppliers will be working for you prior to your arrival at your chosen venue on your wedding day, Many of them will leave before you arrive. If you want to know what the staff, food, toilets!( yes very important.) are like ask someone who will be there throughout your day. ie a Toastmaster or a photographer, or entertainment. they will know! . 

SATURDAY isn’t the only day in the week!

Posted on February 2, 2019 by Comments are off

Do consider having your wedding on any day of the week ! people will come as long as you give them notice, and Suppliers and Venues will give you a discounted price compared to a Saturday price ! I have done this for years and many of my Weddings have worked out a lot cheaper for the Bride and Groom so find a venue and ask the questions.

Prices = No Changes since 2011!

Posted on January 31, 2019 by Comments are off

My prices haven’t changed since 2011 and I see no reason to do so, My clients seem to think I offer extremely good services at Weddings and functions and therefore I hope to continue for the foreseeable future, who knows  what’s going to happen ? I am still getting booked over a year ahead, so please don’t delay if you have a wedding date next year! or next month! I might be available.

Black Friday Deal!

Posted on November 21, 2018 by Comments are off

Now here’s a chance to have me work at your wedding during 2019 for a really keen price = £250.00

Any day of the week (providing I am not already booked of course) any venue in Dorset ,Somerset, Hampshire, Bookings must be enquired about by midnight on Friday 23rd of November 2018!

Once again, I have to say “sorry already booked on your date”

Posted on October 8, 2018 by Comments are off

I have written this a few times, ” sorry I am already booked on your wedding date” and yet it still happens!. I have a space at Wedding showcases, or Wedding fayres, potential brides come along and say “Hullo  I saw you some time ago and have decided to book you to be the Toastmaster at my Wedding! I check the diary and have to say it yet again! and then they say ” it’s over a year away yet” I hate saying sorry I am booked “. Please do let me put your wedding date into my diary if you are seriously considering booking my services for your wedding. I can then contact you to seek confirmation prior to me booking the date for someone else. I will only contact you if your date is enquired about, but it might save you and me! being disappointed.  

Yet again it’s never too Late to ask, “Are you available”

Posted on April 20, 2018 by Comments are off

Every time I get an enquiry I ask for the date of the wedding or function and I check the diary for the date, even 2 years in advance! yes I have bookings 2 years in advance sometimes. I ask the enquirer to let me know date and venue and I pencil in the date, Not booking it but holding it till they decide whether or not to book my Toastmaster services. So when I get an enquiry saying are you available in 2 weeks time ? Sometimes I can say YES, but not very often this happens so please do contact me for a chat about your date as soon as you have the venue and date booked, nothing confirmed just a chat, then you can decide ! . 

Durlston Castle wedding show on Sunday 25th of March

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Comments are off

I shall be at Durlston Castle on Sunday 25th of March 10am till 3pm. come along and meet the suppliers and many of them will have special offers on the day! including me of course.

Here we go again, same old story every year

Posted on March 7, 2018 by Comments are off

4 times already this year I have had to say sorry already booked, and one of the dates was 2019! so please do contact me even if you haven’t decided to book my Toastmaster services so we can have a chat about my work.

Never too late, Never too early

Posted on December 14, 2017 by Comments are off

It’s almost Christmas and I have just had a booking enquiry for a function between Christmas and the New Year! I can’t do the job because I am already booked on the date! Someone forgot to book  me, and now it’s too late. I often put a note on here saying it’s never too early or too late to enquire and this proves it !

I would like to thank all my clients for the bookings in 2017 and wish them all a Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year, who knows what 2018 will bring us? Best wishes to all my readers! 

Venue open days in October

Posted on October 12, 2017 by Comments are off

I shall be at 3 lovely venues during October as they open their doors to show off the venue and give their suppliers the opportunity to meet potential clients, Sunday 22nd The Carlton Hotel Bournemouth, Saturday 28th The Lord Bute Hotel Highcliffe, Sunday 29th The Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth. They are open from 12 Noon for 3 hours  so please do come along and see these great Venues, Entrance to all these open days is FREE! so what have you got to lose? you might even get a special offer !                                                                                        Brian Cox , Toastmasterdorset


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