We booked a package deal! now we regret it,( but we have booked you)

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Heard this before ? We have booked a venue’s package deal! But we wanted you Brian!

If you are considering booking a venue for your wedding, please consider what the package deal offered includes. Some venues offer an MC, as I have said elsewhere on my website, but an MC is not the same as a Toastmaster by any means. A Toastmaster is a Trained, Qualified Contractor who will do far more for you than just introduce you and propose Toasts. A Toastmaster has spent time and Money learning the Trade ( yes it is a trade) just like a plumber, electrician, bricklayer, Car Mechanic etc. Would you let just anyone repair the brakes on your car? No of course not. You want to know they are qualified and trained to carry out the work, a Toastmaster is no different !.  Oh and by the way if you book a Toastmaster direct with the one you choose (I hope it’s me of course) you will probably pay less than if booked via the venue as part of a package deal. So do contact me prior to choosing your venue, I know a lot of good venues, and a few that aren’t so good!. Let me help make your wedding day really special, just like the Brides on my Testimonials page of this site.DSCN2970

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