Toastmasterdorset, gives out advice and help to anyone who needs it regarding functions.

Posted on January 9, 2017 by

Choosing a venue, menu’s, cars,decorations,timings, contractors, etc etc,who does what and when, so many questions to be answered!

I always say if you need help and advice it’s free! and often can save time and money by asking me or a photographer as we might have inside knowledge about the venues that you are considering for your wedding or function. Many contractors will work for you prior to the function and they will leave the venue before you arrive! so if asked about food, service, toilets, staff, they might not know the answers, but I should if I have worked there before, so might be able to help. Please ask me for help and advice and I will give it! Of course it will be my own opinion so like a Financial adviser, I can only give you options,you must choose your own decisions, but I might just be able to help, make your day very special.

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