Client Testimonials and Gallery


I would like to thank all the clients who during the past few years have allowed me to publish their photos and comments regarding my work at their function. Many of them are listed here and can be read along with photos taken during the function.

Weddings have been great during the years and as always I thank all the Brides and Grooms for booking me to work for them on their special day,. Many of them have sent e mails, photo’s and cards thanking me for my work. It has been a pleasure to work for all of them. Many functions, Lodge Dinners, Charity events, corporate dinners, and Auctions have all been part of my work and I enjoy them all. Below are testimonials that I have received from many of them and I thank them for allowing me to show them on my website.

On April the 12th Denham Lodge held yet another Ladies Festival at the Sandbanks Hotel, Poole.They have returned many times and have again booked for next year. The festival Secretary and the President said “see you next year Brian”


            Wo Bro Richard Verity with his wife Zoe at the Sandbanks Hotel Poole, on Saturday 21st of April

The Marsham Court Hotel was once again the chosen venue for the Victoria Lodge Ladies Festival Banquet on Saturday 14th of April.The Evenings Raised money for 2 charities and as I left the Festival Secretary thanked me for my work and said “we shall meet again Brian”.


The President for the evening, and his wife Diane Dane at the Marsham Court Hotel Saturday 14th of April 2018.


On Saturday 24th of March, the Lodge of Construction held their Ladies Festival Banquet at the Mayfair Hotel Bournemouth.The President and his wife and Family along with about 80 guests and Lodge members enjoyed a entertaining weekend, As I left the function the raffle was being drawn and many thanked me for my work during the evening.   

                  Wo Bro Charlie Searle and his wife Tracy at the Mayfair Hotel on Saturday 24th of March 2018.


My last Wedding for 2017 was held at the Italian Villa Poole on Thursday 28th of December. As I finished my duties the Bride Said ” Brian you are amazing, thank you so much for all your work,I’ve had a fantastic day!” The Grooms parents also commented and said ” thanks for everything you have done ” .

Christine and Stuart Merrell’s Wedding day at the Italian Villa Poole 28th of December 2017.

Ingleby Lodge returned to the Mayfair Hotel again last weekend. The festival Secretary and the president and their ladies thanked my for my work again and the banquet raffle raised money for the Lodge’s chosen charity. 

Wo Bro Stephen Rodman and his wife Anne at the Mayfair Hotel Bournemouth on Saturday 25th of November.

Janus Lodge from Loughton held a ladies festival at the Carlton Hotel Bournemouth last weekend and I had the pleasure of working at the banquet on Saturday the 18th of November. The evening raised money for the Macmillan Nurses running a Tombola with 150 prizes, yes a prize for everyone attending.

Wo Bro Adam Debenham and his wife Louise and myself! at the Carlton Hotel 18th of November 2017



On Thursday 16th of November I worked at The Hilton Hotel Bournemouth. This was for the CISI annual dinner, as I left the organiser thanked me for my work and said “see you next year”. The guest speaker was Henry Blofeld OBE. He entertained the function guests with stories of Cricket test matches and his knowledge of the game and it’s players was fantastic, many laughs and a really lovely man. I had the pleasure of sitting and talking  to him prior to the event and he thanked me for being ‘natural’ As he had met many Toastmasters in his time and some were very stand offish!

Praise indeed. 









The president Simon Roache, Henry Blofeld OBE  and Me at the Hilton Hotel Bournemouth Thursday 16th of November .


Chestfield Lodge from Whitstable celebrated their Ladies Festival at the Riviera Hotel Bournemouth on Saturday 21st of October. The President and his wife thanked me for my attention to detail and said they enjoyed the banquet, they were last seen starting the dancing to ‘wonderful tonight’ encouraged by the audience in a very loud manner.  

The President Wo Bro Robin Davis and his wife Shane at the Riviera Hotel Bournemouth Saturday 21st of October 2017. 

A new Venue and a New Job for me at a Wedding reception. Southover House Tolpuddle was the venue and the new job was “Lifeguard!” yes I kept an eye on the small children who wandered near the swimming pool during the reception periods, they were very interested in the pool but I persuaded them to go to the bouncy castle instead! (no I didn’t have a go myself) . As I left the venue the Grooms Mum said ” Thank you so much for everything, I questioned why Emily had booked your services, But I am so grateful she did, you were wonderful and kept everything and everyone! in order” you were marvellous Brian.”

                                     Emily and Steven Foote at Southover House Tolpuddle Saturday 9th of Sept 2017

Saturday 26th of August was the wedding day of Sara and Jason Coker, After the ceremony at Christchurch Priory the reception was held at the Kings Arms Hotel Christchurch. During the evening Jason said ” thanks for all your help Brian, I really appreciate it ” As I left the hotel the Bride and Groom were enjoying their first dance surrounded by their guests.

I received the following comments by email, Hi Brian, thanks for all your efforts on the wedding day, they really were appreciated and the photos were a lovely bonus! with all good wishes to you, Mary Baker ( Mother of the Bride).



Jason and Sara Coker in Christchurch on Saturday 26th of August 2016

I travelled to Bentley in Surrey for the wedding of Richard and Theresa  East on Friday 25th of August. a very hot day and a lovely venue. The brides Mother booked me to ensure all went according to the timetable and It did!. The groom and the bride and some of their guests said how much they enjoyed the day and thanked me for my part.  









                             Richard and Theresa East at Bury Court Barn, on Friday 25th of August 2017.

Sunday the 20th of August was the wedding day of Abigail and Daniel Diment. The ceremony and reception was at Compton Acres and as always Tony Beale and his staff ensured everything was at a high standard and as I finished my work the band were playing the first dance music and the bride and groom looked so happy. 

Monday morning I received the following email = Hi Brian thank you sooo much for everything yesterday, You were a Superstar! sorry we didn’t get to say bye to you. We had the most amazing day thanks to you. Abigail and Daniel.






                             Abigail and Daniel Diment at Compton Acres on Sunday 20th of August 2017


I always enjoy working at Highcliffe Castle, and Charlie and Alexandra Nunn chose the venue for their wedding on Saturday 19th of August 2017. Merlin’s caterers provided a first class wedding breakfast, and As I ended my work the bride and groom  thanked me for all my help with the planning of the day and were enjoying their first dance as Mr and Mrs Nunn.

I received an email Monday as follows = Brian, Thank you very much, we were extremely pleased with how the day went and felt you did an extremely professional service Regards Mr & Mrs Nunn. 

                                                        Charlie and Alexandra at Highcliffe Castle Saturday 19th of August 2017


A Wedding in Beaminster was followed by a reception in Mosterton Dorset and the Bride and Groom sent me an email as follows,

Brian, it was an absolutely beautiful day which went too quickly. Thank you so much for keeping everything running smoothly for us. You will be highly recommended. Kind regards Jane and Dave Middleton.




The reception of Jane and Dave Middleton. held in Mosterton Dorset.



After a marriage ceremony at Bournemouth Reform Synagogue on Sunday 6th of August ,Paul and Ruth Hart enjoyed a reception at the Ocean View Hotel Bournemouth. They had many family members and friends with them and they thanked me as I left the reception at 10pm. as they enjoyed their first dance.

I received the following email on Weds the 8th of August, = Thanks Brian, it was great. Everybody’s still talking about it and we are recommending you if anybody else we know gets married. Ruth and Paul.

              Paul and Ruth Hart at the Ocean View Hotel Bournemouth on Sunday 6th of August 2017. 

It Rained almost all day on Rochelle and Yohan Stovins’ Wedding day Saturday 29th of July, but it didn’t seem to worry them or many of their guests at the Church and the reception at Edmundsham House, 3 miles from their home (and mine). The bride said to me just before her first dance ” Thank you so much for your help and advice during the planning of our wedding and your work today. I’ll be sending you some pictures!.

                 Yohan and Rochelle at Edmundsham House Saturday 29th of July 2017

A very educational wedding on Thursday 27th of July 2017! Two teachers were married and many of the guests were fellow teachers. The reception was held at Deans Court Wimborne and during the day  The guests and Bride and Groom enjoyed the gardens of this lovely venue. The Marriage was conducted by the Brides uncle and he and other members of their families thanked me for being there and carrying out my duties.

                                                                                  Stephanie and Michael Britland at Deans Court.


Kingston Country Courtyard was the venue for the wedding and reception of Emily and Mathew Brown on Saturday 22nd of July 2017. The weather was not kind to them but they managed to enjoy a wonderful day with their families and friends. Many of the guests thanked me for being there and enjoyed the day.I had many photos taken during the day, one of which is shown below, ‘ well someone had to show her appreciation on camera‘ I love my work!.As I finished my work at 8pm Emily and Mathew were enjoying their first dance and Emily’s Dad said ” Thanks Brian you’ve been brilliant” 

3 days after the wedding I received the following emails from Emily and her Dad,

Hi Brian, we had such a fantastic day and it really went without a hitch because of you! Thank you so much for everything you did for us, Thanks again , Emily and Mathew Brown.

Hi Brian, Thanks for a fantastic job, you really made a huge positive difference to the day. Emily who as you were aware was apprehensive about having a Toastmaster said afterwards ” the day would not have worked anywhere near as well without you being there” All the best Neil White.

During September, I received a letter from the Brides Parents,   Dear Brian, Sorry for the delay, the dust has now settled after finalising everything from Emily and Matts Wedding. Thank you so much for helping us make it the most special day of their lives on 22nd of July. I cannot thank you enough for ensuring everything went so smoothly as it did. I could not have wished for a better day or person. Sincere gratitude for all you did. If you need any recommendations please contact us. Thank you once again and I enclose a lovely photo for you. Andrea and Neil White.









Emily and Mathew Brown.             A grateful guest! It’s my job,well someone’s got to do it!

The Harbour Heights Hotel Sandbanks was the venue for Marion and Andrew Willis’s wedding reception. The couple both thanked me for my work during the planning of their day and for making the day  so enjoyable, Many of the guests also showed their appreciation for my work during the day and as I left the bride and groom were enjoying their first dance together as a married couple. 

On Sunday I received an email from them = Thank you so much for the wonderful photos and all you did for us yesterday! you were brilliant!! it has been a real pleasure meeting you and a huge thank you for the heads up on the wine, we had our eye on it too! it was a wonderful wedding and we really enjoyed it. A day to remember for the rest of our lives. Thanks a million!! Love, Marion and Andrew XXX. 


                              Marion and Andrew Willis and me! at the Harbour Heights Hotel Saturday 15th of July 2017.

Returning to the Carlton again on the 17th of June was the Loyal Darenth Valley Lodge and the President Simon Baker and Festival Secretary Ken Littlejohn both thanked me for my work during the Banquet. “See you next year” was the last thing I heard from the Secretary.

President W Bro Simon Baker and Me! at the Carlton Hotel Saturday 17th of June 2017

Another wedding reception on a farm, Saturday 3rd of June 2017 was the second wedding this year with the reception held on a farm belonging to a member of the brides family. This one was the wedding of Katie and Joe Jacobs and it was in Kings Sombourne near Stockbridge. The day was beautiful and the guests enjoyed a hog roast meal and dancing to a 6 piece band. I left the reception after the first dance and the Father of the bride came to my car and thanked me for all my work before and during the wedding day.








Katie sent me and email on the 6th of July, = Hi Brian, firstly huge apologies on the delay in my writing, Honeymoon for 3 weeks then straight back to work has taken all my time and flown by in a flash! Thank you so much for your services on our wedding day. The day went sooo quickly I hardly remember speaking to you and other suppliers and before I knew it was the end, and I was a little too drunk! The day was perfect and thank you for all your help and making it go so smoothly. Many thanks and hope you are well, Katie and Joe Jacobs wedding day 3rd of June 2017.


Sunday the 28th of May 2017 was the wedding day of Debbie and Michael Langford, The ceremony was held at the orangery Suites Merley, and the reception at the Brides parents home in Horton. A wonderful day and even the rain showers didn’t spoil their day. The Brides father thanked me for all my help and advice and the day went on time throughout till the cake cutting and  first dance at 6-30 pm. Many of the guests spoke to me during the day and some said “ you made the day perfect with your humour and timings”.

I had an email from Debbie on the 5th of June = “Hi Brian Thank you very much for your help on the day, You made it all come together, we had a really good day” Debbie.








                                                                          Debbie and Michael Langford’s Wedding day 28th of May 2017.


Saturday the 8th of April was the date of the Ladies festival of Denham Lodge, Held at the Sandbanks Hotel it was a great day weather wise and the guests enjoyed the sunshine. The President Wo Bro Richard Verity and his Wife Zoe both thanked me for my work and said ” hope to see you next year as we are  in the chair again next April”. The festival secretary also thanked me for my help and advice. 

         Wo Bro Richard Verity and his wife Zoe at the Sandabanks Hotel on Saturday 8th of April 2017

The Mayfair Hotel Bournemouth was the venue on Saturday 1st of April for another Ladies Festival Banquet, This was for Finsbury Archers Lodge. The President and his daughter Alex both thanked me for guiding them through the protocol of the evening. The President, His Daughter, Festival Secretary and his wife with me at the Mayfair Hotel Saturday 1st of April 


I had the pleasure of  being  MC and auctioneer at the Mayor of Christchurch’s Gala Dinner held at the Cliffhanger Restaurant, Highcliffe on Friday the 10th of March 2017. over 100 invited guests attended and the evening raised money for 3 local charities. The Mayor and her consort along with the civic support officer thanked me for donating my fee to the charities and many of the guests bid for the various items during the auction, during her speech the Mayor said how much she had enjoyed planning the event. 

I received the following email from the Civic Support Officer on Monday 13th of March

Dear Brian, It was a pleasure to work with you on Friday, and thank you so much for all you did. especially the auction which you organised so well and raised  an excellent amount for the Mayor’s Charities. You had some ‘fans’ on the ladies table at the back of the room who came to say thanks to you for such a good evening, but you had already gone by then as it was quite late, Many thanks again you made the evening a great success. Kind Regards, Susan Roxby. 


the Mayor of Christchurch Cllr Mrs Patricia Jamieson her consort Danny and Brian at the cliffhanger restaurant, 10th of March 2017.

Once again the Lodge of Good Companions held their Ladies festival Banquet at the Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth on 21st of January. The President W Bro John Dixon and his wife Anne both thanked me at the end of the meal, after the raffle which raised £1400 for the charity the festival secretary said see you next year Brian.

W Bro John Dixon and his wife Anne at the Marsham Court Hotel on Saturday 21st of January 2017


My first Wedding of 2017 was held at Christchurch Priory. Laura and Paul Webber  said just before their first dance “Brian you were amazing thank you for all you have done “. 


                            Laura and Paul at the Pavilion Christchurch  on Friday 6th of January 2017

Back again at the Mayfair Hotel Bournemouth on Saturday 26th of November. This was the Ladies Festival of Ingleby Lodge. Tracy the manageress and all the staff ensured the function was well planned and the Master stood up and praised them all for their work during the weekend. The president Wo Bro Grant Salisbury and his wife Sue and their family and friends along with the others at the banquet certainly seemed to enjoy the event and The President and Sue both thanked me for my attention to detail during the evening.   


                          Wo Bro Grant Salisbury and his wife Sue at the Mayfair Hotel Saturday 26th of November 2016.


I had the pleasure of working at  a function at the Hilton Hotel Bournemouth on Friday 18th of November. The guest speaker was John Prescott. He was very interesting to talk to and after his speech the event raised almost £3000. for Julia’s house a children’s charity based in Corfe Mullen.  As I left the organiser Nikki thanked me for my work and hoped to see me again at future functions.

John Prescott with me at the Hilton Bournemouth

John Prescott with me at the Hilton Bournemouth on Friday 18th of November.



Amanda and Antonio Yglesias  love  the Dorset area around Highcliffe so decided Highcliffe Castle was where they would get married and on Friday 16th of September they did. A great day and the weather was so good, they and about 80 guests went to the beach for photo’s, and they even danced under the moonlight in the castle grounds. As I left they were having a great time along with their families and guests.


                                               Antonio and Amanda Yglesias at Highcliffe Castle Friday 16th of September 2016

The wedding reception of Jemma and Glen Cross was held  at Sopley Lakes wedding venue on Saturday 3rd of September. The timings were perfect! down came the heavy rain while the wedding breakfast was enjoyed. After that the guests and the Bride and Groom were able to enjoy the fresh air and the views across the lake. Many of the guests were interested in my work and cards were given out to 3 potential brides!

DSCN3192Jemma and Glen Cross at Sopley Lakes on Saturday 3rd of September 2016

On Saturday 20th of August I worked at the Chewton Glen Hotel Highcliffe for the wedding reception of Charlotte and Joel Knight.This was the 3rd wedding I have worked at for the Maslin family and many of the guests spoke to me and said how much they enjoyed my work at previous weddings and this one. There was a lovely surprise for all the guests and Joel! just before the first dance when a video was shown of her singing  a song from Les Miserables. At the end of the song all the guests applauded and cheered her and then the first dance was danced to the music of Eva Cassidy singing “come away with me”. A wonderful day for everyone and it didn’t rain on them at the church or the reception venue!   


                                       Joel and Charlotte Knight at the Chewton Glen Hotel Saturday 20th of August 2016.


The Grand Hotel Swanage was the wedding venue for Dan and Kate Evans on Saturday 13th of August. The Sun shone on them all day and they certainly seemed to enjoy their special day, including a paddle in the sea. The Family and guests relaxed in the sunshine and I received comments from many of them including these, “Excellent job well done” from the brides father. a few of the guests = “Amazing work” from one of the Groomsmen. “I know it’s your job but you are first class”, another guest at the wedding. Thank you to all of you.


                                                  Kate and Dan Evans at the Grand Hotel Swanage on Saturday 13th of August.


Yet another new venue for me on Saturday 6th of August,The Marwell Hotel in Hampshire. A lovely venue for a wedding and chosen by Lydia and Richard Colmer for theirs. The Father of the Groom and the Father of the bride both thanked me for my work, as did Lydia and Richard just before they cut their wedding cake.


                                             Richard and Lydia Colmer at the Marwell Hotel Hampshire on Saturday 6th of August

A new venue for me on Saturday 30th of July was The Stockbridge Farm Barn, it was the venue for the wedding reception of James and Caroline Kelly. The wedding breakfast consisted of Fish and chips and the guests took part in a Bake off! and many of them made cakes of all designs to cut and eat during the evening. A great evening and the Bride and Groom both thanked me for my work and the brides mum said” thank you for keeping the whole day running on time, a Toastmaster is a real stress saver and a well worth having at a wedding” well done Brian. Praise indeed.


James and Caroline Kelly at the Stockbridge Farm Barn  Saturday 30th of July

Samantha and Simon Gard chose the Beach Wedding Venue in Bournemouth for their wedding on Sunday 10th of July 2016. The weather was kind to them and many of their guests of all ages enjoyed the beach and the wedding ceremony and reception. All the Bride and Grooms parents thanked me for my help and advice with the speeches and the timings of the day. The wedding party continued at the Greenhouse Hotel Bournemouth in the evening.


DSCN3152                                  Samantha and Simon Gard at the Beach wedding venue Bournemouth Sunday 10th of July 2016.


Highcliffe Castle was the wedding and reception venue for Hannah and Jason on Saturday 9th of July. A great day and many of their guests were from abroad and had never seen a Toastmaster before! They asked me lots of questions during the day and as I left the Bride and Groom were enjoying their first dance as a married couple.


                                   Hannah and Jason at Highcliffe Castle Saturday 9th of July 2016


A superb 8 course banquet was served at the Ladies festival banquet of Isle of Thorney Lodge held at the Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth on Saturday 2nd of July. The President thanked me during his speech for my advice and work during the evening. The staff received a vote of thanks as well and it was a very enjoyable evening attended by the Lodge members and their guests. 


The President Wo Bro Caleb Pratt and his lady Helen Steer at the Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouthon Saturday 2nd of July 2016.

The Carlton Hotel Bournemouth was the venue for a ladies festival Banquet on Saturday 25th of June. The president and his wife gave the staff a well earned cheer when I brought them out at the end of the meal.

I received an email from the president  Thanking me for my work and stated he was very pleased with my services and hoped to use me again in the future should the services of a Toastmaster be required.


Wo Bro Ken Littlejohn and his wife Sandra at the Carlton Hotel Bournemouth.

Two fellow members of the Gym that I go to were married on Friday 17th of June in Ringwood. The bride arrived in a rain storm and when the car arrived at Dudsbury Golf Club for the reception it was still pouring!. After a while during breaks in the rain, photo’s were taken and the day went well except for the weather. Terry said to me just before he joined Kelly on the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple,” Brian you have been brilliant thanks mate”.

I received the following 2 emails the day after the wedding from Kelly and Terry.

Brian, Brian, Brian, I literally can’t thank you enough for yesterday. You did the most amazing job for our wedding day, it truly was the best day of my life! and thank you again you did a marvellous job, Kelly

Brian, it was the best day of my life absolutely fantastic, you were top notch thank you so much . Terry. 





Terry and Kelly Day at Dudsbury Golf Club Friday 17th of June 2016





The Carlton Hotel Bournemouth was the wedding venue for David and Naomi Ventress on Friday 10th of June. The weather held back the rain to allow the bride and groom time for photo’s in the hotel’s garden and later on the beach. They all had a great time and they thanked me for all my help and advice during the day, The brides Mum gave a lovely speech and seemed very pleased with the whole day.