Please don’t leave it too late to book!

Posted on February 5, 2014 by

Last weekend I worked at the BIC WEDDING FAYRE, and during the fayre I met 3 brides who had spoken to me last year at fayres, They all wanted to book me to work at their wedding this year, but I had to say” sorry I am already booked on your wedding date. Why didn’t they book me last year ?” even a penciled in booking would have secured the date till another bride asked about the same date. At least I could have contacted the bride to say ” are you going to book” before I took on the next bride on. Please let me know if you are even considering booking me for your wedding or any other function and I can keep you informed if I get another request for the same date. I hate having to let people down by saying “sorry already booked!”.Take a look at the weddings page on my website and see the Fayres I am attending, I look forward to seeing you and saying, “yes I can work for you on that date”.

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