In to 2017 and beyond!

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What a great year I have had in 2016, a knee replacement, a couple of holidays, a bit of decorating at home, 2 new beds, another birthday, and oh yes many weddings and functions, I enjoyed all of them, even the knee replacement and I have another one to come in 2017.

 My work takes me to some great venues and I enjoy being part of the function be it local or miles away from home.

I really am looking forward to having the knee replacement and another busy year. I am fortunate to be the preferred Toastmaster at many venues and am very sad when I get more than one booking for the same date, there is only one of me! discos, photographers, room decorators, florists can sometimes work at more than one venue on the date but I can’t.

I look forward to 2017 and beyond, who knows what tomorrow will bring let alone the coming years! 

Thank’s to all who have booked me to work for their function during the past year, here’s just a few pictures from 2016DSCN3175


John Prescott with me at the Hilton Bournemouth

John Prescott with me at the Hilton Bournemouth


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