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WEDDINGS I love them,

Posted on January 26, 2015 by Comments are off

Weddings are really stressful times for the Bride and Groom and their families. The amount of time I spend with a Bride and Groom during the months before the wedding depends on the amount of help they ask me for. I enjoy being alongside them on the day of the wedding and if we plan the day together I am able to ensure everything they require is booked with reliable contractors. The suppliers on my Links and Partners page of my website are known to me and though I  can’t say ‘book this one ‘ I have worked alongside them and know the quality of their own business, be it entertainment, flowers, photography, decorations, catering, cars, etc etc. I always say go to their website, read the testimonials from their clients, then meet the supplier in person if possible and tell them what you want! it’s your Wedding so make sure you get what you want. I am very pleased to have many testimonials on my website regarding Weddings, and all types of functions where I have been booked to work as Toastmasterdorset so please do take a few minutes to read some of them. It’s never too early to start talking to me about your Wedding or function as some of my bookings are over a year ahead, there is only one of me as I always tell the client.Many suppliers can handle 2 or more bookings a day but I can’t. I look forward to speaking to you regarding your Wedding or any function where a Toastmaster will take away all the stress and worry for you, so you can enjoy the day yourself.

At least this bride and groom won’t be disappointed!

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Had an e mail, read it, replied by phoning the groom within minutes, obtained the details and received confirmation of the booking all within one and a half hours! Now that’s how to make sure you are not disappointed and get a supplier that you want for your Wedding of function. 

DON’T JUST THINK SATURDAY’S It might even reduce the costs!

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When considering a date for your Wedding, Please consider other days of the week other than Saturday! Many Venues, and many Suppliers (me included ) offer special deal prices for Midweek (Monday to Thursday) or Friday and Sunday Weddings. You will be surprised at the Deal’s you can get if you talk direct to the various suppliers. Give me a call 01202 824885 and see what I can do to help you negotiate a price with some of my wedding supplier colleagues. I am here  to help make your day Special and if I can help also reduce some of the costs, isn’t that just that little bit even better? Do contact me and let me pass on some advice, who knows what the outcome might be? I saved a bride over £460.00 on the cost of her Wedding last year by making a few inquiries for her.

2015 looks like being busy.

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So here we are in 2015 and already I have quite a few bookings for this year and 2016 and even 2 for 2017! if I live that long!. Every year I write to advise Brides and function bookers, to book early if they want me to work for them. Many suppliers such as Cakes, Cars, Decorations, Florists, Caterers, can do more than one job per date, But I am a Sole Trader! and there is only one of me! So I am always very sad to say “Sorry I am already booked on your proposed date”. So please do contact me as early as possible (not before 7am though) so that I can give you information and discuss your Wedding or function with you prior to you deciding whether to book my Toastmaster services or not. I am very proud to be the proffered Toastmaster at many beautiful venues throughout the South of England, and you can see pictures of me at Weddings and other functions on the Testimonials page of this website. I attend wedding fayres and again you can view the venues and dates on the Weddings page of this website. There is nothing like talking to each to see if I can help make your Wedding Day or any other function really special.

The Brides are booking for 2015 and 2016.

Posted on October 6, 2014 by Leave a comment

I hate having to say ” sorry I am already booked” so don’t leave it till a few months before the wedding date to book suppliers for your wedding.

D Day for thousands, a Wedding day for Julia and Brady Morris

Posted on June 10, 2014 by Comments are off

Friday the 6th of June and while many were attending D day services, Julia and Brady Morris were married at Highcliffe Castle and a reception at The Lord Bute Hotel. The weather was fine and everyone  seemed to have a great time. I had a lovely email from the father of the bride a few days after the wedding and as I left the reception the Mother of the bride gave me a hug and said 2 Brian you were wonderful” good job the father didn’t hear that! still it was a fantastic day for the family and their guests.


Julia and Brady Morris ( and me) and LULU the car.

At Last it’s Spring, and still time to book

Posted on April 20, 2014 by Comments are off

At the time of writing this post,  I have a few weekend dates still available during 2015. I am very pleased to say that I am booked for some great weddings this year at some beautiful venues and really do look forward to every wedding I work at. If you are still undecided whether or not to have a Toastmaster work for you at your wedding, please take a look at the testimonials page on this website and read what brides and their mums! say about my work. A wedding for me is often 14 hours work in total so when you consider the prices charged for other contractors who will be working for you at your wedding, my fee seems very reasonable indeed (that’s what brides have told me anyway) I offer every bride a free meeting before booking me so any questions can be asked, and that is of course very helpful as many brides and their families don’t realize the time and care I take when booked to work for them. If you are still undecided, just give me a call 01202 824885 and I will give you as much information as I can prior to you deciding whether or not to book me to work as your Toastmaster on your wedding day.craig and sarah upton house 002

Still Time to Book for this year?

Posted on March 20, 2014 by Comments are off

I still have some weekend dates available for 2014 and if you give me a call 01202 824885 and mention you have seen my website I will give the special discount that I offered a Bride to be at Highcliffe Castle! last Sunday.

Do consider weekdays as well. Many wedding suppliers, including me will talk to you about prices for midweek weddings and functions.

Getting Married during April this year?

Posted on March 7, 2014 by Comments are off

I would like to offer any bride who is getting married during April this year! a very special deal. Contact me now via my website or phone 01202 824885 now. You might be surprised at the special offer I am making.

emma and james hannen sat 27th of april 2013 001

Please let me know within the stated time!

Posted on February 27, 2014 by Comments are off

I have met 4 brides during the past month who requested a meeting to talk about their wedding. As I left each of them I gave them my introduction letter and details of my booking terms. Everyone of them said they wanted to book me for their wedding BUT ONLY ONE OF THEM HAS CONFIRMED THE BOOKING. Now I have 3 brides all with weddings on the same date who have not replied to my booking letter. It is bound to happen that when One books the others will contact me to try to book, and of course I have to say ‘Sorry I am now booked on your date’. I love weddings but hate letting brides and their families down, So if you are thinking of booking anyone to work at a wedding or function, do contact them within the booking terms.

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