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Please let me know within the stated time!

Posted on February 27, 2014 by Comments are off

I have met 4 brides during the past month who requested a meeting to talk about their wedding. As I left each of them I gave them my introduction letter and details of my booking terms. Everyone of them said they wanted to book me for their wedding BUT ONLY ONE OF THEM HAS CONFIRMED THE BOOKING. Now I have 3 brides all with weddings on the same date who have not replied to my booking letter. It is bound to happen that when One books the others will contact me to try to book, and of course I have to say ‘Sorry I am now booked on your date’. I love weddings but hate letting brides and their families down, So if you are thinking of booking anyone to work at a wedding or function, do contact them within the booking terms.

I hate saying Sorry!!

Posted on February 17, 2014 by Comments are off

Since Christmas I have had to say ” Sorry I am already booked” to 5 brides who wanted to book me for a  wedding during 2014. Some of them saw me at  wedding fayres during last year and didn’t contact me again till recently.

I always tell the brides that it’s never too early to book me or any other contractor to work at a wedding. and the recent phone calls and emails prove it once again. Please do come along to the wedding fayres that I am attending (list is on the weddings page of my website) and meet me and many other contractors who will be there. I ask the brides to let me know the date so I can pencil it in, but some of them haven’t decided on a date or venue so leave it till a few months prior to the wedding.I think the best order of booking is =  Get the date, don’t forget other days than Saturday are often cheaper at some venues!, Book the venue, beware of packages where you can’t choose a contractor, then start booking the people you want to work for you on the day. I love working at weddings and having to say “sorry” is one of my saddest words that I have to say to a potential Bride. a perk of the job, kissing the Bride!One of the perks of the job, saying goodbye to the Bride and Groom at the end of the day! well every job has its moments, and bye the way the guests are all clapping me! as I left the Hotel.

Please don’t leave it too late to book!

Posted on February 5, 2014 by Comments are off

Last weekend I worked at the BIC WEDDING FAYRE, and during the fayre I met 3 brides who had spoken to me last year at fayres, They all wanted to book me to work at their wedding this year, but I had to say” sorry I am already booked on your wedding date. Why didn’t they book me last year ?” even a penciled in booking would have secured the date till another bride asked about the same date. At least I could have contacted the bride to say ” are you going to book” before I took on the next bride on. Please let me know if you are even considering booking me for your wedding or any other function and I can keep you informed if I get another request for the same date. I hate having to let people down by saying “sorry already booked!”.Take a look at the weddings page on my website and see the Fayres I am attending, I look forward to seeing you and saying, “yes I can work for you on that date”.